Out Of The Blue Or Green

Today i will talk about Tattoos.. because.. i said so(:

Lettuce begin!
So i was thinking about tattoos. I want one. I want like 5 actually, but small tattoos. I want a Crown behind my right ear.



Something like this, but awesome-r and behind the ear..
I want a Peace sign mixed with a yin yang symbol on my hip.



like this! hey.. i might do it on my foot instead..!
and possibly a dove on back..



Something similar to the one above, but a dove.. if i do it it will be in honor of my Brother, who recently passed away… Or i might..



do something like this………^ little birds and the dandelion.. either will be in his honor…
I want a Tattoo on my pinky that says Promise…



 one on my index that says “You”



Pretty much this^ but “you ” on…

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